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God has put a vision on your heart.

Let’s get it funded.

Get inspired. Get equipped. Get funded.

Fundraising that leaves you energized, not exhausted.

Here at Affirm we are changing the dynamic of messaging, redefining what faith-based programs can look like (and how they can be funded), and reminding people that community is just waiting to be created.

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Creative events, unique outreach options, and more. Plus, we talk a lot about getting out of your own way when asking for money.

One-on-One Support

Custom solutions for individual groups and programs, focusing on topics ranging from strategic plans and capacity building to online giving and long-term gifts.

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Wondering how the online marketplace can work for you? Consider creating a sales page!

Meet Laurel

Meet Laurel

Laurel O'Connor, Founder
When most people hear the word "fundraising," they cringe. I did at first, too, when I first started work in the fundraising field. Even worse is working in fundraising with ministries, right? Wrong.

Over the years I've seen some pretty amazing things come together when people dream big and don't let a scarcity mindset stop them.

I created Affirm because when people push past their fear, creativity and innovation abound.

So what's stopping you from funding your dreams?
Let's talk about it.

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What our clients think

  • This partnership gave me the confidence and support booster I needed to lead the formation of a rural community non-profit and develop a map for growing my ministry.

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    Rev. Meghan Riegerix

  • Laurel has a super power for building connections. She approaches every new project with enthusiasm and vision but (much) more importantly with tenacity and organization.

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    Bonita Graham

  • Affirm helped me assess my needs, identify potential funding sources, and strategize creative fundraising that produced great results!

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    Brian Lothridge