About Affirm

About Affirm

We’re about more than just fundraising. We’re changing the game.

We openly talk about church and ministry fundraising without feeling like it’s a “four-letter word.”

We love to hear about other folks’ dreams for ministry, and what God has placed on your heart.

Laurel, our Creative Director, spent a few years doing broad-scale fundraising in Upstate New York among churches, spreading the word about malaria and encouraging people to give generously. And they did.

Finally, it was time to connect the dots and use all our passion and knowledge to affect ministries all over the world. To help pastors and leaders make and carry out plans for capacity building and growth.

And these plans can’t be “what we’ve always done.” Chicken BBQs and Rummage Sales aren’t serving us anymore (except in very limited circumstances!). Your ministry has so much more to offer the world than BBQ chicken, let’s think about your assets and create something meaningful (and fruitful!).

We can do so much more by “casting our nets on the other side of the boat” (John 21:4-6) and working via social networks to try new things and reach a broader audience.

From Scarcity to Strength, our first book, redefines fundraising through the lens of capacity building – consider a copy for yourself or for your team.

Affirm does more than just fundraise; we are hoping to change the dynamic of messaging, redefine what faith-based programs can look like (and how they can be funded), and let people know that their program is not an island – there are people all over the world who want to help.

We’ve decided to work with ministries, individuals, teams and organizations to build a plan that helps raise funds and build capacity (check out our What We Offer page for more insight on offerings).

No two fundraising paths will look the same.
Goals are different, and your approaches should be different as well.
We can help you find your way.

For some, the plan might include creating a custom sales page or revamping your website . For others, it might be a six-month term of custom coaching that will help build momentum and reach your goals.

Maybe you’re thinking about kicking off a ministry entrepreneurship that combines your gifts and earns income for your dream ministry. Maybe your church or new faith community needs help creating a 501c3 to leverage grant funding. Different formats work for different situations; the possibilities are as endless as your dreams.

At Affirm Fundraising, we believe God has placed a vision on your heart.

It’s time to get inspired, get equipped, and get funded.

Let’s talk, plan and dream together. Contact Affirm Fundraising now, and hold on tight. God’s moving.

Meet Laurel

Meet Laurel

Laurel O'Connor, Founder
Fundraising is one of the most under-rated (and under-appreciated) activities within ministries and organizations.

I want to change that narrative - fundraising can help grow leaders, build capacity and change the face of an organization forever. Fundraising can bring an organization to the "next level."

Unsure of how that would work in your context? We can help you innovate and think creatively, and launch your giving levels and projects into new territory.

Sound scary? Yeah... it probably is. But so is anything that's worth doing.

You've got a dream, I just know it. Let's see if we can get it funded.

Let's Get Started!

We’d love to hear more about your goals and find ways to help you build your dreams! Connect with us for a consultation today!