About Affirm

About Affirm

We’re about more than just fundraising. We’re changing the game.

Affirm Fundraising is something that has been on our minds and hearts for a while now, and something we’re very proud to share with the world.

Laurel, our Creative Director, spent a few years doing broad-scale fundraising in Upstate New York among churches, spreading the word about malaria and encouraging people to give generously. And they did.

The spirit of giving and being part of something larger than yourself never ceases to amaze us. For us, that’s the Holy Spirit at work, as we come from a mainly Christian background. For you, that may mean some other driving force of community and collaboration –  we are truly thankful for all faith expressions, and for genuinely good people who may not have a faith background at all.

We have a unique skill set when it comes to fundraising, and we’re seeking to break ministries and organizations out of the chicken BBQ model. We can do so much more by “casting our nets on the other side of the boat” (John 21:4-6) and working via social networks to try new things and reach a broader audience.

From Scarcity to Strength, our first book, redefines fundraising through the lens of capacity building – consider a copy for yourself or for your team.

Affirm does more than just fundraise; we are hoping to change the dynamic of messaging, redefine what faith-based programs can look like (and how they can be funded), and let people know that their program is not an island – there are people all over the world who want to help.

We’ve decided to work with ministries, individuals, teams and organizations to see what fits (check out our What We Offer page for more insight on offerings). For some, it might be plugging into our Mission Market. For some, it might be one-on-one consulting. Some might need help creating a 501c3 or need help creating a social entrepreneurship. The possibilities are as endless as your dreams.

For some ministries, our Mission Market is a great fit – get your own page, connect to the online marketplace.

Whether you are a partner organization, a customer, or a believer in what we’re doing… Welcome, and thank you for being part of the movement.

Meet Laurel

Meet Laurel

Laurel O'Connor, Founder
Fundraising is one of the most under-rated (and under-appreciated) activities within ministries and organizations.

I want to change that narrative - fundraising can help grow leaders, build capacity and change the face of an organization forever. Fundraising can bring an organization to the "next level."

Unsure of how that would work in your context? We can help you innovate and think creatively, and launch your giving levels and projects into new territory.

Sound scary? Yeah... it probably is. But so is anything that's worth doing.

You've got a dream, I just know it. Let's see if we can get it funded.

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