What We Offer

What We Offer

Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

Affirm Fundraising is all about breaking the mold when it comes to what fundraising “has always been.” We offer wraparound resources to help you reach your fundraising and programmatic goals. We offer coaching and consulting services, sales page creation, website and online outreach review, research and grant assistance, and have a range of options that can help your program achieve its goals.

Our Services

Here is a list of the services we provide; Affirm provides custom solutions for each ministry’s fundraising/capacity building needs.

For more information about Affirm Fundraising, visit the About Affirm page. Contact us directly for a free consultation, to see how these services can work together to help you get inspired, get equipped, and get funded.

Strategy Consulting

Ministry Entrepreneurship

Revenue Audits

Grant Writing and 501c3 Creation

Sales Page Creation

Web Design and Marketing

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